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Alternatively, watch Hal Varian, Google’s Chief Economist, explaining the dependency of different quality factors in the ad google first page guaranteed auction. In common with SEO, a structured approach to understanding consumer search behaviour is an essential foundation to AdWords. In both cases you have to choose the battles you think you can win – so selecting the most relevant keywords to target is essential. Creating long lists of potential keywords to target is easy, the art in AdWords is grouping the keywords in such a way that you can target particular consumer behaviours at different points in their buyer journey. There are many alternatives for grouping keywords, so the value in using an experienced AdWords practitioner is that you can target relevant terms. Active search marketers will know that the Google Keyword Planner helps group these behaviours. Brand vs non-brand keyword management issues are particularly important for AdWords, since it’s typically the case that brand terms related to a company name have a lower cost per click (CPC) and Return-on-investment (ROI) such that there is a tendency for potential over-investment in brand-terms. Yet here we’re investing in targeting people that already know about a company and for which the company ranks highly in the organic results. I’m not saying that brand-bidding on keywords itself is a mistake, since analysis often shows its value, however, you have to ensure you invest sufficient in attracting people starting their search by discovering what’s out there. For example, you might start a search for improved eye sight with generic terms like ‘laser eye treatment or surgery’, then drill-down into individual techniques and locations like ‘Lasik in Birmingham’ (long tail phrases) and then brand terms such as ‘Optimax Birmingham’.

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